Monday, March 7, 2011

When the lullaby of rain never ceased

Gone are the days, never to come back again.

Welcome to a short journey down the memory lane through the isles of childhood, once more to feel and see the wind and rain and the sunshine of those times as though it was only yesterday.

Generally, people of those days were happier and more content. They lived a life that was calm, simple and down to earth. Their lively income mainly came from agriculture and farming. They walked often and rarely did they travel in vehicles. Life was more in-tune with the nature and the seasons.

The monsoon rain was a completely different kind. Contrary to our present experience, the monsoons always kept its date starting around 1st of June without fail. It was long, sustained, steady and stormy. The heavy rain poured down from the cloudy sky was like it was never going to cease. The wells and the ponds fill to the brim and then it overflows to make a narrow stream that leads to the paddy fields.

Rain rain come again
(Please keep the speaker on)

My friends like Kunhippa (real name is Hassan and we sometimes call him Hassainar Aduvanni), Mustafa Neduvanchery, Satyan, Babu, Unni, Salam Neduvanchery, Ravi and a host of others come to my mind, and the memories of how we celebrated the rain. Usually we reach school by 10am and the study period is extended up to 4.30pm. At break periods we engage in games like hide and seek and small games of other kind, all the time we are waiting impatiently for the evening when we have planned our water adventures.

When the school closing bell rings at 4.30 we take a rabbit-race home and reach there before the bell is finished. As soon as we reach home, we rush to the large water-pool overflowing with sky-blue water to begin the real fun. He who jumps first into the water is a winner, and the race to win is exciting without end each and every day. Heavily pouring rain or earth shaking thunder and lightning doesn't deter us from our game in the water. Instead, it makes the game yet more thrilling even if it is fearsome at times. Some acts of the boys are really dangerous and sometimes life threatening. For example, while jumping into the water from a fairly higher ground, some bold-boys turn around in the mid-air. The one who makes a double turn-around in one take is a hero. Thus the water-game goes on and on till the approaching night makes it impossible to stay any longer.

A swim in the water-pool
(Please keep the speaker on)
Then, every one walk back home, with eyes reddened and hungry but still anticipating the thrills in store for the next day.

Talking of monsoon and rain, a beautiful passage from Arundhati Roy's Booker winning work "The god of small things" seems relevant here:
"But by early June the southwest monsoon breaks and there are three months of wind and water with short spells of sharp, glittering sunshine that thrilled children snatch to play with. The countryside turns an immodest green. Boundaries blur as tapioca fences take root and bloom. Brick walls turn moss green. Pepper vines snake up electric poles. Wild creepers burst through laterite banks and spill across flooded roads. Boats ply in the bazaars. And small fish appear in the puddles that fill the PWD potholes on the highways.
It was raining when Rahel came back to Ayemenem. Slanting silver ropes slammed into loose earth, plowing it up like gunfire. The old house on the hill wore its steep, gabled roof pulled over its ears like a low hat. The walls, streaked with moss, had grown soft, and bulged a little with dampness that seeped up from the ground. The wild, overgrown garden was full of the whisper and scurry of small lives. In the undergrowth a rat snake rubbed itself against a glistening stone. Hopeful yellow bullfrogs cruised the scummy pond for mates. A drenched mongoose flashed across the leaf-strewn driveway."


  1. It is my privilege to put a comment in your blog here from Jeddah, 5000 kms away frm you. I couldn't stop clicking the mouse whe I saw the name kalpakancheri @ frowarded by Mr. P. Moideenkutty, my school mate.
    Really Nostalgic......
    "Nostalgia for what we have lost is more bearable than nostalgia for what we have never had.."

    mt manaf- Jeddah

  2. Thanks for the trip, never expected to be such a long journey. though it was a blog gave me a mesmerizing experience that took me back home. the flight's delay made me tired but i couldn't wait to jump into the pool which i was longing for.Accompanied with the heavy rains, the swim was an even more exciting one...Alas! decided to take a nap wherein the "star singers" drove me back to my childhood memories.

    The rendered thoughts and discussions are highly impressive
    Appreciating it I pray that this journey would be a never ending one.


    It's a great pleasure to read a comment from someone like you who has seen a lot of life, people and events. The nostalgia of one's childhood evokes almost the same feeling in each one of us. So, this is a feeling of shared experience. One is never tired of talking about it. The child in us never dies. The day it does we are no more. All the happiness, disappointments and sadness of life put together, one still would love to travel back to his / her childhood days. Thank you for visiting.

  4. Salamkka...i love to see you pen like this...good flair of writing...the style of narration resembles RK Narayan's school of writing. Keep writing

  5. @zuhail

    Thank you very much Zuhail for your kind reading and comment. If reading this memory brought you back those good old days when you were a school boy I would hope the time i spent on this has been rewarded.

    wish you the best.

  6. Simply rustic and splendiferously nostalgic!

  7. spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions..nostalgic too..
    well written..

  8. Good reading and very nostalgic touch too

  9. 'Mazha' giving various feelings...your 'VarikaL' giving nostalgic feelings.

  10. cuddling wonderful thoughts
    salam...the sweet lullabies
    from the speaker made me to
    lie down on the banks of the
    canal and wished not to be
    wake up by any matured thoughts
    and life of this age which i never
    wanted to gain....congrats..!!!!

  11. A short trip to childhood. Touching...
    Very well written.

  12. The beauty of the post, I think, is the music of rain itself.

    Narration of the childhood experiences take me years back.The experience of playing with rain ... that we were ready to give up anything for that.Nothing to replace such memories.

    The same rain is still here as usual, but people lost their innocence to love it.

    Now itself , if I lie thoughtful I can see a little girl....
    playing frantic in the rain at the river...
    the splendid flow from all ways ...
    Cool my body and soul...
    wet and shivery , red in my eyes...
    back to home ...may be late....
    Long after years it is still very near to me.I can hear it, felt it and can flow with the heavy 'flow'.
    Thanks a lot for such a post.

    For a similar feel of mine, please have a look,

  13. dear salam,
    Your writing style is excellent,topic is lovely. I am coming across your blog for the first time. my appreciation

  14. lovely topic! We cud never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.


  15. Hi salamji, Nice lines,too nostalgic.


  16. Salamji,

    Im a bit confused!. The posting date is shown Sunday, July 3, 2011.
    In the comment column,I see my first comment in your blog dt.February 3, 2010 8:05 PM. Many visitors refresh the post with today's comments....
    Even if re-posted...why July 3, 2011?

    was it the confusion that moulded the great Chinese Philosopher Confucious? Then you are about to have a Philosopher friend..ha ha ha...!

  17. Thank you Manaf, for your Confucious mind and scrutinizing eyes. Of course it was a re-post. but when i changed the date to bring it up i made a big blunder with date in a hurry. i made a mistake with the date format. you know what. mm/dd/yy vs dd/mm/yy. you got it.

    meanwhile, is there any other method to make a repost without changing the proper date? i don't have enough patience to indulge in all these technicalities on the annoying monitor screen.

  18. while reading your post, I felt the
    sweet smell of wet soil, when the
    first rain comes cracking down.
    Thank you Salamikka.

  19. fantastic....nice experience frnd, congrts.

  20. ഡാഷ് ബോര്‍ഡില്‍ ഈ പോസ്റ്റിന്റെ ടൈറ്റില്‍ കണ്ടിരുന്നു, പിന്നെ വായിക്കാമെന്ന് വച്ച് മറന്നുപോയി. ഇപ്പോള്‍ ആണ് വന്ന് നോക്കുന്നത്. വായിക്കതിരുന്നെങ്കില്‍ നഷ്ടമായിപ്പോയേനെ. വായിക്കുമ്പോള്‍ അരുന്ധതി റോയിയുടെ എഴുത്തിന്റെ ഒരോര്‍മ്മ വരും. ശൈലിക്ക് ഒരു ചെറുസാമ്യം.

  21. I don't how to appreciate your for this wonderful narration style. i'll hang myself if somebody tell me to describe rural things in English.. lol. but you are just amazing.. made me nostalgic right from the beginning...